What is Mineral Processing?

Mineral processing companies can be involved with four general types of processing operation:

  • comminution – particle size reduction;
  • sizing – separation of particle sizes by screening or classification;
  • concentration – taking advantage of physical and surface chemical properties; and
  • dewatering – solid/liquid separation.

In all of these processes, the most important considerations are the economics of the processes. This is dictated by the ore grade and recovery of the final product. To do this, the mineralogy of the ore needs to be considered. Mineralogy dictates the amount of liberation required and the processes that can occur. The smaller the particles processes, the greater the theoretical grade and recovery of the final product, but this, however, is difficult to do with fine particles as they prevent certain concentration processes from occurring. Market metal prices have a big part to play in minerals economics. It can determine the viability of a mining operation including development of new mines and their associated minerals processing plants. As the cost of energy to operate mineral processing plants falls and the latest process metallurgy technology improves, the outlook for efficient metal produces is good. PPM Global’s: mineral process engineering design new or provide support services for existing, efficient minerals processing plants, plant operator safety training and mitigating environmental impacts of minerals processing including tailings.

PPM Global metallurgical consulting services engineers have over 200 years combined experience in mineral processing services including:

  • Mineral process engineering design.
  • Metallurgical laboratory testing and management.
  • Pilot plant testing.
  • Ore crushing and milling circuits optimisation.
  • Jaw and cone crushers.
  • Ore grinding including SAG mills.
  • Gravity separation.
  • Magnetic separation.
  • Screening.
  • Hydrometallurgy including froth flotation and high-pressure leaching.
  • Solvent Extraction and Electrowinning.

PPM Global’s engineers specialise in mineral process engineering plant design and hands on engineering consultation services. We take into consideration physical, energy, financial and human resources available in the location environment for construction and continued safe operation of minerals processing plants for maximum return on investment.

PPM’s capability in the areas of mineral processing is derived from the significant experience of individual team members. More importantly is the balance of technical and practical skills within the metallurgical engineering group and the “can do” approach shared by all engineering personnel. Our focus is on adding value by working alongside mining company personnel to successfully commission or improve mineral processing plants worldwide. If required, PPM also trains plant operations teams for good recovery, while maintaining high OH&S standards and environmental standards.

PPM group metallurgical engineering consultants encompass a wide range of minerals processing plant commissioning and operations experience. PPM metallurgical engineers are experienced in both hydrometallurgical processes and conventional base metals operations, including GOLD, COPPER, NICKEL, VANADIUM, SILVER, ZINC ANTINOMY, as evidenced by the project list in PPM Global’s minerals process plant experience.

PPM Global mineral processing consultants have been involved with almost all of the technologies in mineral processes available. From complex hydrometallurgical process plants like zinc /copper SX EW to the easy Carbon in Leach (CIL) Gold processes.

mineral processing
mineral processing froth flotation

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