Contract Metallurgical Engineering Company

PPM Global is a sub-contracting process metallurgical engineering services company. We provide your minerals processing plant with a team of highly experienced specialists in mineral processing, hydrometallurgy, process plant commissioning mechanical engineers, process plant trainers/consultants, and operations management.

Our Australian metallurgical engineering company has a team of process plant construction engineering consultants and hands-on metallurgical engineers. We have a combined total of hundreds of year of international metallurgical problem-solving. This gets the best beneficiation efficiency outcomes for worldwide minerals processing operations while improving plant safety and minimising environmental impacts.

Minerals process plant construction engineers

Our Team of Experienced Process Plant Commissioning Engineers and Metallurgists

  • Commissioning Manager
  • Process Metallurgists
  • Process Engineers
  • Process Specialists
  • Mechanical Engineers
  • PLC and Electrical engineers
  • QA/QC Construction Supervisors.

Detailed resumes for all company personnel can be provided on request.
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